What is Biz Support Central 

Biz Support Central is a website dedicated to new business owners and small business entrepreneurs. 

What is our goal? 

Our name says it all. Our goal is to provide a platform that supports those who are new to business ownership. We want new entrepreneurs to have a go-to-website whenever they want to know more about the business industry, tips, advice, and resources.

How do we support YOU? 

We support by posting on this website about anything in the business industry that can help our new entrepreneurs to move forward; Blogs, Tips, Guides, Real-life success stories, and more interesting resources they may need now or in the future.

Meet the backbone of Biz Support Central

Camille Bruner

Camille is the founder of Biz Support Central, as well as a founder of 4 successful branches across 2 countries. She never went to college and started her business by attending free seminars until she got a break in 2018 when her Facebook fanpage reached 10k followers! 
In this website you can find resources for new entrepreneurs as well as inspiration from other people who have been through what we are going through now-the struggle that comes with owning your own small company or starting one at all – because there will always be challenges no matter how much support systems exist out here.